Modern Universal Grilling

Enhance Your Lifestyle

A top grade dining solution for the finest delicacies, made at home with friends and family.

Energy Efficiency

We’ve developed an energy efficient system which simply plugs in  and away you go.

Lightweight & Versatile

AlfresQ are lighter than they look and fit well on alfresco, balconies, patios and even inside.

Introducing AlfresQ

The AlfresQ is the original modern day universal grilling and dining experience you can enjoy in the comfort and convenience of your own home with many benefits to the consumer including, healthy infrared smokeless grilling, outstanding flavour, ease of use and cleaning, environmentally friendly design and enhanced lifestyle for outdoor entertainment areas and apartment balconies.

Come Together While You Cook!

It’s a super fun activity with family or friends, prepping, grilling then eating together. Having a laugh, really nurturing relationships with family or friends and creating wonderful memories. Grilling your food together is a great “icebreaker” a fluid topic of conversation, a real dinner party dining experience, a great way of bonding and laughter. Whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner there is never a dull moment around your AlfresQ

Grill It Your Way!

Now you have multiple cooks watching over the food whilst having a drink and sharing some thoughts and laughs, no one can complain how they like their food cooked.     

The AlfresQ dining systems are perfect for a Japanese barbecue (Yakiniku) or a Korean style bbq, grilling seafood or your favourite meat.  Experience the true taste and flavour of meat like never before at your own home. Or with the added accessory of a hotpot tray you can even enjoy a Chinese hotpot. The AlfresQ is truly a universal grill that you can enjoy a vast range of cuisines with.     

And did you know that the AlfresQ is also vegan friendly, so that you can cook many of your favourite vegetable dishes right on the healthy infrared grill to really bring out the superior flavour!