Why Infra e

A unique ease of use with superior results

Taking its inspiration from the very beginnings of civilisation, the infra e delivers a unique, versatile and modern dining experience in the home.

Unique Design & Function

The alfresQ infra e infrared grill preheats very quickly due to the generation of much higher temperatures than traditional grills. It is normal to have a high grilling temperature of 500F to 700F (150 C to 260C) within around 5 minutes. It evenly heats across much more of the grilling surface, and with the hot and cold spots that are a common problem with other grilling methods heavily reduced, your food will be more consistently and evenly seared and cooked throughout. Your grill quickly sears your food on the outside through an incredibly high temperature, providing a flavoursome and crispy surface whilst locking away up to 35% more natural juices than traditional grills, hence providing a more delectable, tender and juicy result. Grill crispy, juicy, restaurant quality meals together at home!

Energy Efficient

The alfresQ infra e infrared grill cooks your food a lot more quickly than traditional grills making it a lot easier to grill and enjoy larger numbers of courses when cooking tapas style and catering for large numbers of people for social gatherings.

The alfresQ infra e infrared grill is more energy efficient than other grilling methods. Because it preheats quicker and grills quicker, using less fuel to reach the same temperature, it is more environmentally friendly and easy on your hip pocket!

Reduce Flare Ups

The alfresQ infra e infrared grill reduces smoke by drastically reducing or eliminating flare-ups from grease and food particles catching fire. This makes it suitable for indoor use, unlike traditional grills.

The alfresQ infra e infrared grill uses a heat source originating directly from ancient times when our ancestors cooked directly over a sweltering hot charcoal campfire. In a nutshell, charcoal is the original infrared! An incredible searing effect is produced creating intense flavours and retaining natural juices in a fashion not experienced with other grilling methods.

Incredible Flavour

The alfresQ infra e infrared grill creates a natural caramelization process known as the “Malliard reaction”. The searing created by the “Malliard reaction” occurs when meat or vegetables are introduced to direct heat and involves the carbohydrates, amino acids, water soluble proteins and other trace compounds combining, and caramelizing creating an incredibly flavourful crust and has a huge impact on our senses of taste and smell.

Low Maintenance

The alfresQ infra e infrared grill is low maintenance compared to traditional grills which suffer from excess build-up of food debris and grease. The infrared grill generally burns away food particles with the intense heat leaving little ash or excess drippings behind to clean up. If you have used the grill on lower temperatures for different styles of grilling, simply turn to high once you’ve finished cooking to burn away any excess residue!


From unique design, to ease of use, to superior cooking results, you will never go back to the old fashioned barbecue!